Club Committee


Dave Rutland has been chairman since the club was formed. As chairman Dave ensures that all teams feel involved in the development of the club. Dave is open to new ideas and is happy to discuss all aspects of the club He is also a coach to a team.

Vice Chairman:

Nala Soames has been involved with the club since its inception. Nala is focused and passionate about the children enjoying all aspects of the game. She is clear and decisive in her role as vice-chair and brings a wealth of knowledge. Nala leads the organisation of many of the social events.


Victoria Hargreaves has been involved with the club since its inception. Responsibilities include making sure paperwork is submitted to the FA and the MKDDL in a timely manner and attending meetings on behalf of the club. Victoria loves nothing more than seeing the children’s happy smiling faces.


Gemma Markham is responsible for keeping a check on the accounts. She is invaluable at monitoring income and expenditure to allow the purchase of quality equipment for the safety of the children. Gemma is also a keen member of the fundraising squad!

Welfare Officer:

Paula Rutland has been involved with the club since its inception. Paula believes in fun and fair play for all children. Paula tries to watch as many games and training sessions as possible and is always open and available for new ideas.

Head Coach:

Chris Quinn has been involved with the club since its inception. Chris ensures that coaches are aligned, and promotes skill based learning across all the teams. Chris loves nothing more than watching the children develop and have fun. He is always keen to learn and develop and to pass ideas on to coaches and children in the club. Chris is coaching some of our youngest members as well as coaching one of our founding teams.

Fundraising Lead:

Lorraine Quinn has founded the fundraising committee. She has been involved in many successful events, from quiz nights to easter egg hunts. She puts a huge amount of work in to help the club raise funds to buy high-quality equipment.

Committee members:

Neil Thomas played a vital role in helping to set up the club. Neil believes in the ethos of the club and ensures good behaviour and teamwork. Neil is the manager to one of our founding teams.

Mark Adkins is enthusiastic about the club and has lots of great ideas to push the club in a positive direction.

Jo Littlefair believes in being fair to all and enjoys the team spirit the club embodies. She manages one of the teams.